Hard core dedicated RvR guild at The Arthurians Realm EU

    Who we are / What are we looking for


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    Who we are / What are we looking for

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    .......The Realm of King Arthur strives to be the embodiment of nobility, honesty, and righteous strength. They believe they are destined to save the world, not purely through conquest but through virtue and greatness of spirit. The Realm of Arthur accepts all who would better the world through integrity, and strong characters are always welcome to find a home here. The Arthurian Edicts ensure that no one is excluded from the march to a bright future for the Realm, so long as they follow a pure nobility of purpose. Some may say the Arthurians are self-righteous and obsessive, but in the Realm of Arthur they know the truth: Honor and devotion will unite us under an Arthurian Camelot once again............

    <Circle Of Blood>

    Welcome to the Circle Of Blood <CoB> community forum.
    We are a Hard core dedicated PvP (RvR to this case) guild made by gamers for gamers aiming for the Max challenging level of fights out to the RvR lakes of Camelot Unchained World.We will fight to the side of The Arthurians realm at European servers having the goal to be the Top tier guild by destroying our enemies in a skilled focused team play environment.

    For this goal we are looking for :

    • Mature gamers. (18+ for obvious reasons)

    • Experienced to MMORPG games at the PvP section. (Daoc, Warhammer online experience would be more appealing)

    • TEAM PLAY. (If you need explanation about this you are NOT for this guild)

    • MUST have (raidcall,teamspeak etc) with microphone that working. Be vocal and able to communicate with basic English.

    • Activity is an issue that will be managed under discussion with the leadership.

    • Of course Unbreakable Will For Victory

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