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    Application Form


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    Application Form

    Post by Admin on Sun May 31, 2015 10:44 pm

    Tips to keep in mind before applying:
    -Every application that will be accepted will be followed by interview through Raidcall. (before or at the release of the game)
    -Every application that will be accepted will be promoted to in game trial period time. (At the release of the game)
    -Read and Respect the rules all the time. http://circleofblood.board-directory.net/t11-guild-rules#11

    Guild's Roam schedule: Main plan is to roam everyday (we will see if there will be days off at future) 18:00 - 23:00 CET . (Because of different time zones between European countries this is a general plan. Details will be discussed with leadership)

    How to apply:
    1. Register to the forum with your in game nickname (this can be changed after)
    2. Log in to the forum with the account that you created at step 1.
    3. Read, Copy application's form questions and then paste them in a new topic to the Recruitment - Application Form section filled by your answers.
    4. Feel free to add any relevant information about you.

    1)Character name?

    2)How old are you? Be honest

    3)Role/s you prefer to play? What is your experience to them?

    4)Your gaming experience?

    5)Have you ever played Daoc or Warhammer online? Be spesific (realm,class/role,RR)

    6)Have you ever been a part of any hard core gaming community? Be specific

    7)Which days and how many hours per day can you be active?

    8)Are you familiar with communication programs? (raidcall, teamspeak, mummble etc)

    9)Anything else you want to say to us.

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